Flying Skull Z7- 2-Part Enzyme Cleanser


Flying Skull Z7- 2-Part Enzyme Cleanser from Doctor Blooms.

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Flying Skull Z7 Flying Skull Z7 is a 2-part enzyme cleaner for hydroponic tanks, pipes and filters.Use Z7 to flush growing mediums of unwanted mineral build up and use continuously throughout the plant’s life. It is the best health insurance for your plants! Z7 Eliminates inanimate slime, organic waste, odours, mineral build up on roots’ soil, hydroponic roots, piping, sprayers, pipes and tanks while the plants are growing.Z7 will reduce many hours of cleansing between harvests and in most cases eliminate taking the hydro and irrigation systems apart for cleaning. This will reduce the replacement of tubes, pipes, sprayers, drippers and pumps.Z7 is not a sanitizing, sterilizing or cleaner designed to kill bacteria or mycorrhizae.Z7 replaces costly enzyme products and works better.It costs only 2p to treat 1 litre of water.Allows combining of different plant foods without harm to the plants.Keep irrigation equipment and pumps clean and working properly.Reduce plant death from plugged sprayers and drip irrigation.Dramatic increases in yield.

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