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G.H.E Roots Ideal for all growing methods. Hydroponics and soil Bio Roots is a growth and bloom activator. It stimulates the development of micro organisms in the root mass and promotes the growth of roots and rootlets. It improves the root’s biotope and hardens the root cap. This activates the development of a vigorous root mass and a better settlement of the plant in its environment. It allows better resistance to disease and pathogenic moulds (powdery mildew, dumping off in seedlings and cuttings, etc) GHE BIO ROOTS Bio Roots: How it Works? General Hydroponics Bio Roots concentrate is made of natural ingredients. It is applied to rooted cuttings or vegging plants in order to promote root-growth, resistance to diseases and fungal infection.  Bio Roots has ingredients that stimulate activity and growth in friendly microorganisms within the root-zone.  Bio Roots contains other ingredients that promote lush root growth and resistance to fungal and disease-causing infections. Bio Roots: How do you use it? GHE Bio Roots can be used with any plant in cutting or vegetative phase. It is suitable for all mediums, but it is particularly effective when grown in cocoa and soil. Before using, shake the container well.  Mix 2ml Bio Roots in 10 litres water. (Use only fresh, or demineralised water). Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (i.e. Straight from the bottle Each nutrient booster, additive, or other ingredient should be added to the reservoir in its own turn.  Give the mixture a stir before you add the next. GHE Bio Roots recommends a dosage of 0.2ml/Litre (2.5ml/10 litres).

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