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FloraKleen Use with all nutrients and substrates, above all GHE Ripen Flora Kleen helps Ripen work to its full potential. By rinsing residues of nitrogen and other salts out of your substrate, Ripen can get to work more effectively mobilizing nitrates and improving taste in your final crop. From rejuvenating houseplants to maximising yields and potential in commercial hydroponics, FloraKleen is one of the most powerful tools available to gardeners. Eventually, every growing system will develop fertilizer residue as a natural part of the growing process. This accumulation results in salt build-up that can block drippers, cause unsightly accumulations on the top of soil or substrate. This will eventually cause your plants undue stress and even root damage. With the highly concentrated nutrients available today and high EC levels running in many systems, nutrient lockout can also be an invisible limit on your grow. FloraKleen solves all these problems and more. Specifically developed to dissolve mineral salts, FloraKleen releases nutrient bonds between minerals and substrate and allows you to rinse excess residue. This release also helps plants make the most of remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest. Unlike other “flushes” and finishing products on the market FloraKleen is not an acid, isn’t enzyme based, and does not dump magnesium or other mineral additives into your system. This makes it uniquely flexible. With FloraKleen you can give your system, and your plants, a clean slate at any time and at any stage of the growth process. No matter what type of growing system you’re using; indoors or outdoors, soilless or hydroponic, pots or garden beds, FloraKleen is easy to use. Just mix with pH adjusted water and apply. Unique, high performance rinse and soil conditioner for all substrates and systems. Corrects nutrient balance Treats nutrient lock out Nourishes microbial life and refreshes soil and coco coir Maximises final stage growth (especially with Ripen) How to use: In hydroponic systems:- To re-set and re-fresh when changing nutrients, or after nutrient burn or lock-out: Add 1.5 to 3ml/L to pH adjusted water. Use a milder solution for young or fragile plants, and a stronger solution for more established plants, close to harvest. Re-circulate in your system for 24 hours with FloraKleen alone before adding your nutrients into your tank. No need to empty the FloraKleen beforehand.- As a final “flush” / after Ripen: Drain old nutrient solution and add 1.5 to 3ml/L with pH adjusted water during the last two days before harvest to increase the sugars level in your crop.- To re-set and re-fresh your soil, or after nutrient burn or lock-out: Every fifteen days fill a watering can with fresh water and add 1.5 to 3ml/L of FloraKleen. Drench until there is runoff from the bottom of the pot. Resume your regular fertiliser schedule with the next watering.- As a final “flush” / after Ripen: Use 3ml/L of FloraKleen instead of nutrients during the last two days before harvest to increase the sugars level in your crop instead of losing aroma and medicinal content with a long water flush.- When you’re done, instead of a 10-day flush with water after Ripen, try 2 with FloraKleen® – growers around the world have, because in commercial production, 8 days per harvest is a big bonus.

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