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Great White by Plant Success Premium Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria and Trichoderma Great White is the most complete mycorrhizal product on the market.The cutting edge formula contains 16 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 14 different species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma, all in one product.Research shows that this powerful formula will encourage plant and root development, giving plants the tools they need to maximize yields.Great White’s premium and concentrated formula aids optimum colonization of root systems by the fungi.The water-soluble powder makes application a snap and delivers the spores directly to the roots for immediate germination.Users should look for explosive root development, enhanced yields, fruiting and flowering, nutrient and water absorption and  transplant success. Mycorrhizae There are two types of beneficial fungi. They are endomycorrhizal or ectomycorrhizal. Endomycorrhizae can grow alongside vegetables, fruits, and shrubs. However, the ‘ecto” variety is better adapted for growing on oak and conifers. Endo (inside), on the other hand, tends to grow in the substrate, while endo (outside), actually penetrate root cells. This allows for greater nutrient uptake and a closer symbiotic relationship. Combining the two ensures you have everything covered, no matter what your plant species. Beneficial Bacteria Orca contains 11 types of beneficial bacteria that work together to create a dominant microbiome. This helps prevent issues such as pythium from destroying entire crops. You’ll know how devastating it can be if you have ever lost a crop to pythium. A healthy culture of microbials can be one of your best defenses against it. It is a gift from Mother Nature. How to Use Great White Before you plant seeds, sprinkle a little Great White on each hole. After you have dipped the cuttings in their rooting hormone you can dip them in Great White before you move them to their rooting plugs. Before you transplant, lightly dust the transplanting holes with Great White. Soil & Coco: Top feed once a week using a 5ml scoop per 25 litres water. Hydroponics: Mix 1 5ml of the nutrient solution per 25 litres into your reservoir.

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