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Growth Technology Formulex FORMULEX  is a universal product that has a thousand uses for the hobby grower.Professionals rely on Formulex for feeding seedlings, transplants and clones. Formulex remains popular with all growers as it is cost effective and straightforward. In addition it may be used for foliar feeding and for pre-treating rockwool.Formulex has a buffered pH and usually requires no pH adjustment once in solution.Extremely versatile and easy to use.It is an ideal nutrient for soil grown plants and perhaps the ultimate fertiliser for all house plants.Formulex is a complete, balanced and stabilised solution containing all the macro and micro nutrients required for optimum plant growth.Formulex is the very first formulation to contain a full nutrient profile in a single container. All elements are present and will remain available to plants through varying conditions of usage.It is highly concentrated and will make up to 100 times its volume of working solution. Formulex is complete.It is designed for hydroponic applications where every nutrient element must be supplied in solution.It is versatile. It is suitable for hydroponic or soil cultivation and especially recommended for foliar feeding.Formulex is meticulously formulated to express a pH of 6 when made up with tap water. Formulex: How do you use it? You can use Growth Technology Formulex on young plants, seedlings and cuttings until they’re ready for budding. Formulex can be used on any plant, in any media and with any kind of grow system. Use Growth Technology Formulex once per week for hand-watering, or every other reservoir change in hydro when needed. Before using, shake the bottle thoroughly. Add 5ml to the feed-water for soil and stir well. Hydroponics: Use 10ml per litre reservoir water. Mix well. Add 5ml/litre water to foliar feed and stir well. You should spray your plants top-to-bottom. Make sure the bottoms as well as the tops are wetted. Make sure that no liquid comes in contact with the grow lamp. Spraying your plants in low light conditions is the best time. This will help to prevent leaf-burn from excessive light striking wet leaves. Recommendation for soil 5ml/litre Hydroponics recommended dosage is 10ml/litre Foliar spray recommended dosage: 5ml/litre

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