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Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer from Doctor Blooms.

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Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer Moonshine is a nutrient enhancer that works at a cellular level by stimulating their natural defences, encouraging explosive root growth and development. This helps the nutrient uptake to be more efficient, improves the plants stamina that makes the overall health of your plants stronger.Using Moonshine in your feeding regime will also improve plants resistance to disease, resulting in exceptional crop quality and higher than expected yields.Moonshine’s formula is made from a natural blend of plant extracts, therefore it contains no carcinogens or hazardous ingredients.It’s 100% biodegradable making Moonshine nutrient enhancer safe for humans and the environment.As Moonshine isn’t a nutrient, it will not raise your EC and is also pH stable.It can be used in any media, be it soil, coco or hydroponics systems and in conjunction along with your regular feeding regime. What Moonshine Does Moonshine can be used to boost your crops in many areas. It harnesses the power of plant extracts and natural plants. You will see a faster and stronger growth rate from the root to the top if you add it to your daily routine. For an even stronger effect, combine it with Moonshine Foliar spray. You can use Moonshine all through the bloom and grow phases. However, the best results are seen in the late flower. Moonshine is able to speed up the cycle of flowering, which can lead to a faster turnaround and a better garden. Moonshine will improve the aromas of plants by increasing terpene production. It also increases the fruit size and density due to its inclusion of a variety of sugars as well as amino acids. How Moonshine can be used You can use moonshine in your daily feeding program with any type of growing medium. Moonshine has no impact on EC levels, and it is stable in pH. Use 1ml for every litre of the nutrient solution. Note: Moonshine can increase the effectiveness of nutrients. You will need to decrease the amount of mineral-based additives or feeds by one third. Moonshine is so effective that you risk burning your plants if this is not done.

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