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Plant Magic Enzyme from Doctor Blooms.

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Plant Magic Enzyme Enzymes remove dead roots to prevent disease and breaks down organic matter into food for the plant.Assists the prevention of root rot and other diseases, as enzymes are not bacteria based it can be used alongside disinfectant cleaners like pyth Tabz and peroxide products. Removes Dead Roots To Prevent Disease Breaks Down Dead Matter Into Food Suitable For Disinfected Tanks Suitable For Organic And Hydroponic Growers And Any Growing Media . Unique Blend Of Enzymes That Breaks Down Dead Roots Into Nutrients.   How Plant Magic Works Plant Magic Enzyme is a plant enzyme that breaks down roots. Enzymes can be substances that accelerate certain reactions in living organisms. They are responsible for breaking down foods within the digestive system. Enzymes also work with dead organic matter within plants by getting rid of bacteria and mold and turning it into sugars useful for stimulating growth. It makes the plant healthier and stronger, while also decreasing potential for toxic substances to form or stunted growth. It is more difficult for pathogens or disease organisms to gain access to the plants’ healthier roots. The enzyme breaks down sugars and nutrients to support root growth. This helps strengthen the roots, making them healthier.     Plant Magic Enzyme How To Use You can use Plant Magic Enzyme with all types of growing media at 2 ml per litre. Plant Magic Enzyme can be used to remove any trace of old roots. To eliminate any dead matter, many growers soak used clay pebbles in enzyme for several days.

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