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HotBox Sulphur Vaporiser from Doctor Blooms.

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HotBox Sulphur Vaporiser  The only Sulphur Vaporiser with the unique Hotbox Temperature Regulation SystemUnique temperature control does not over heat the sulphur (which would create damaging oxides). It releases only pure Sulphur.Regulated element makes combustion impossible, eliminating the risk of fire and making this Sulfume the safest on the market.Energy efficient, with the lowest energy consuming sulphur evaporator available.Temperature regulation is important to ensure the sulphur is vaporised at just the right temperature. The hot box Sulfume cannot produce oxides of Sulphur.Sulphur in the greenhouse will prevent damage to crops by powdery mildew and black spot. It will also prevent the spread of other fungal diseases as the fungal spores cannot spread in the sulphurous atmosphere. Sulphur Sold Separately!! The Hotbox Sulfume-Sulphur Vaporiser: How it Works Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporiser heats sulfur via thermostatically controlled hotplate. The Hotbox heats the sulphur to the temperature where it evaporates slowly in the grow-room. The Hotbox produces no toxic products from its controlled heating, such as sulphur dioxide. Instead, it releases sulphur gas. The sulphur vapour prevents the growth of mould spores and rot by killing them. Spider mites, as well as other pests in grow rooms are also harmed by sulphur. Hotbox delivers a steady 2 gram dosage of sulphur every 8 hours, ensuring that there’s no waste. Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporizer: How To Use. One Hotbox Sulfume Vaporiser is sufficient to cover a 100m2 area. To allow the sulphur gas to properly dissipate, the Hotbox must be placed in the middle of the room at least one meter below the ceiling. Fill the Hotbox with enough sulphur to reach the mark. Then, place the container on the hot-plate. To ensure that the sulphur does its job, it is important to turn off the intake fans and grow-room extractors during treatment. The dark period is the ideal time for the Hotbox to be used. The Hotbox can be switched on by setting a timer to turn it off. Treatments last 8 hours. The Hotbox can be used as a preventative once per week. The Hotbox is able to be used every day for up to a week until an infestation has subsided.

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