INSECTO SMOKE BOMBS – MINI 3.5G from Doctor Blooms.

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Insects Smoke Bombs – Mini 3.5g INSECTO Mini smoke bomb containing the active ingredient Permethrin.Simply light the non-sparking wick, smoke fumes will work their way into all nooks and crannies killing all flying and crawling insects in treated area.Read the label before use.Allow minimum of three hours before re-entering the room. Ventilate the area well for an hour. How To Use The Insect Smoke Bombs.   Calculate How Many Smoke Generators Are Needed To Adequately Cover The Treatment Area. For Severe Infestations, You May Need To Apply More Than One Fumer. You Can Seal The Space As Effectively As You Possibly Can By Sealing Doors And Windows And Blocking Fireplaces. All Living Organisms (Including Plants, Pets, And People) Must Be Removed From The Treatment Area. Take Off The Tag Under The Cap. Remove Cap. Place Each Generator On A Base That Is Fireproof, Such As Aluminium Foil. If More Than One Generator Is Needed, Place Them Evenly Around The Treatment Area. Before Lighting The First, Prepare All Fumers For Light. Use A Match To Ignite The Generator. Each Generator Should Be Lit In A Sequence, Starting At The Exit. Treat The Area For At Most 2-3 hours. If Possible, Leave It Longer. Once Treatment Is Completed, You Can Open All Doors And Windows To Let In Fresh Air. It Is Recommended To Combine This Product With Residual Insecticides In Cases Where There Are High Levels Of Infestations. Highly Effective, Ready-To-Use, And Highly Efficient Permethrin-Based Smoke Generator For Insect Control. Most Insects Are killed, Including Bed Bugs, Fleas, Beetles Ants and Moths. Contains 13.25% Permethrin Available In 3 Sizes Mini, Midi & Maxi. You Can Treat Up To 1000m3 Of Maxi, 500m3 For Midi Or 120m3 For Mini. Perfect For House Moths And Cluster Flies As Well As Clothes Moths.

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