Gavita Pro HR96 DE Reflector


Gavita Pro HR96 DE Reflector from Doctor Blooms.

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Gavita Pro HR96 DE The shape of this reflector may look as a deep reflector, but it actually gives you a medium wide beam angle of about 135 degrees! The unique light distribution allows not only horizontal, but also vertical uniformity.In a large overlapping plan the vertical light depreciation over double the distance to the light is less than 8%, with light uniformity at optimal height over 90% average. Gavita developed the HR96 specifically for overlapping plans.When you light plants, you light a room, creating light uniformity.So the best application of the HR96 is in multi-row systems. The HR96 is available in a DE (double ended) version for the 750 W and 1000 W DE fixtures, and a SE (single ended) version for our 600 W SE fixtures. Notice that the spread of a reflector is never square, but always rectangular.This is a rule of thumb for smaller rooms up to 20-30 fixtures.Specific room dimensions may ask for creative solutions, as not all rooms have perfect dimensions for light. 

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