Gavita Pro HR96 SE Reflector


Gavita Pro HR96 SE Reflector from Doctor Blooms.

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Gavita Pro HR96 SE Gavita revolutionised the way people look at reflectors. It is by far the most copied reflector in the DE market, but never surpassed in distribution and efficiency.The shape of this reflector may look as a deep reflector, but it actually gives you a medium wide beam angle of about 135 degrees!The unique light distribution allows not only horizontal, but also vertical uniformity. In a large overlapping plan the vertical light depreciation over double the distance to the light is less than 8%, with light uniformity at optimal height over 90% average.Notice that the spread of a reflector is never square, but always rectangular. This is a rule of thumb for smaller rooms up to 20-30 fixtures. Specific room dimensions may ask for creative solutions, as not all rooms have perfect dimensions for light. 

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