Mini Build Your Own Wallace & Gromit Sidecar Plane


Mini Build Your Own Wallace & Gromit Sidecar Plane from

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Is it a sidecar? Is it a plane? Well, in the case of this build your own model Sidecar Plane from the Wallace & Gromit feature “A Close Shave”, it’s both! Gromit’s sidecar from Wallace’s motorbike for their window cleaning business memorably transformed into an aeroplane in the chase sequence where they were trying to outwit the malevolent sheep rustling dog Preston. And the detail in the model of the sidecar featured in the Aardman Animations classic is incredible, even down to featuring the famous porridge gun that loads out the top when it’s in plane form, making for a model that’s great fun to put together, simply by slotting the 100% card and paper pieces in place, with no glue, fuss or mess required at all!

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