BioTabs Starter Kit


BioTabs Starter Kit from Doctor Blooms.

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BioTabs Starter Kit Enough for 5 to 10 plants, depending on the pot size used.Less work, better organic yields.Let nature do the work! This bundle includes: Bactrex – 25grams  Mycotrex – 50grams Bio Tabs  – 10 tablets Orgatrex –  0.25L Startrex – 250grams When you are becoming ready for 100% organic growth, it’s best to organize your soil with an expensive mixture of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. Our Starter Pack contains nutrients and soil improvers that you just are visiting need for a thriving and successful and 100% organic growth. Enough for five to 10 plants looking on the pot size that’s used. The method consists of preparing the substrate with the BioTabs products within the quantities indicated and repeating the identical procedure anytime the plant is transplanted into a brand new pot. The formula is so simple, you simply must add water! Less work, larger organic yields. Certified 100% Organic.

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