Beer Bottle Sweets from A Quarter Of…


Beer Bottle Sweets from A Quarter Of….

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Beer Bottle Sweets (aka Pint Pots for obviopus reasons!): little bottles of beer and sweets – what could be better as a combination? We hunted around for ages because we just had to find the best, juiciest, most mouth-wateringest (I know that`s not really a word!) beer sweets. And they`re nice and big, so you get a really good chew by eating just one… But they`re incredibly more-ish! Just the smell of these little pint pot beauts gets me salivating. ANORAK MOMENT: after 18 years of selling these I`ve just spotted that they aren`t actually bottle shaped at all! Yes they are beer jelly sweets but shaped like a beer glass (the straight one not the “jug” with the handle but strictly speaking you couldn`t describe them as beer bottles sweets. Whatever you call them though… Pint Pot sweets or Beer Bottle Sweets, you`ll love ours… and they don`t get you drunk! – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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