Bonfire Toffee from A Quarter Of…


Bonfire Toffee from A Quarter Of….

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Bonfire Toffee – wonderful lumps of old fashioned brittle treacle toffee – far too good just to save for Guy Fawkes night. We eat them all year round here at A Quarter Of… they`re just too good! They have a delicious deep flavour with a lot of ooomph, and it`s not a chewy toffee – but a good long suck!!! They contain lots of Treacle and no artificial colours. They can often stick together and need to be separated with a little imagination or just brute force, this is natural for this type of product so don`t be alarmed if it arrives as one big sweet, a little tap on the bag should loosen them up nicely. – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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