Bubblegum Flavour Millions from A Quarter Of…


Bubblegum Flavour Millions from A Quarter Of….

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Bubblegum Flavour Millions – These little beauties are positively bursting with flavour. They look like little nuggets of bubblegum, but they are infact little nuggets of bubblegum-flavour-yummyness. They`re small (so last for ages… unless like us you like to pour them in en masse!), and they have a crisp casing that quickly becomes lovely and chewy. Delicious! If you love the taste of bubblegum, but prefer the intensity of flavour of a chew, then these will be right up your street. To give you an idea, they taste similar to Anglo Bubbly, with a slightly more concentrated bubblegum flavour. Scrummy! – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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