Cadburys White Chocolate Creme Eggs from A Quarter Of…


Cadburys White Chocolate Creme Eggs from A Quarter Of….

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Cadburys Crème Eggs are a British Classic, a firm favourite for over 50 years. Here is a twist on an old favouirite, Cadbury’s white chocolate, soft fondant centre, and instantly recognisable shape make this the Cream Eggs younger sibling. Did you know?… Cadbury Creme Eggs were launched in 1971 and after only 4 years they became increasingly popular through the power of TV advertising. About 1.5 million Cadbury Creme Egg eggs can be made every day at the Bournville factory. They`re made in two halves, both filled with white fondant and one additionally filled with yellow fondant; the two halves are closed together quickly and there it is, a Cadbury Creme Egg! – Qty In Order: 5 eggs

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