Cherry Bonbons from A Quarter Of…


Cherry Bonbons from A Quarter Of….

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Cherry Bon Bons – frequently sweet manufacturers seem to go over the top with the sweetness of cherry sweets in my humble opinion. Sometimes, like with double cherries or cherry cola bottles, the sweetness works. But with a lot of the sweets that we taste before deciding whether to add them to, a lot are just too sweet. I have to confess, I didn`t have high hopes for these. After all bonbons are usually pretty sweet and I thought that the cherry versions would probably get the thumbs down. I was very pleasantly surprised… until I realised that I`d eaten all of my testing supply in a single session! These cherry bonbons have a definite edge to them… a hint of sourness that balances the sweetness really well and results in a bonbon that is extremely moreish (and which makes my mouth water as I`m thinking about it!) Just don`t eat them all at once… or you`ll have none left to enjoy (I speak from experience there, sob sob!) – Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)

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