Cherry Wheels from A Quarter Of…


Cherry Wheels from A Quarter Of….

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Cherry Wheels – delicious wheels of cherry liquorice… Think Catherine Wheels (you know the coils of liquorice with one of the dotty liquorice allsorts in the middle) meets strawberry bootlaces meets cherry… and you`ve got a cherry wheel. The cherry taste is quite subtle so don`t be put off if you are not a big cherry fan, I`m not – it always reminds me of medicine when I was young… why was that always a hidesously artificial cherry flavour? The little blighters these days have it easy with the myriad of different… and much nicer tasting… flavours of medicine, but I digress! Anyway I`m not a huge cherry fan but I quickly chomped through the bag of these I was given to taste in order to write this description. So take it from me, they`re good! And you can either eat them in coiled format, or unwrap them and eat them as a long string. I`m a dangler myself, half uncoiling them, looking skywards and lowering the unwrapped end into my mouth. They are well worth a dangle! – Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)

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