Fruity Lollies from A Quarter Of…


Fruity Lollies from A Quarter Of….

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Fruity Lollies – this is a no-nonsense lolly – .no gimmicks, no nothing, just really colourful round lollies in all kinds of fruity flavours. What lollies were meant to look like! Diameter 25mm, Proudly made in the UK. Enjoy 95% More Lolliness! Our old lollies were 8g each and we sold them in 15s… that`s 120g of lolly in total. These new lollies are much chunkier, 13g units and they come in 18s… so you now get 234g to suck on. Bonus! That`s a whopping 95% more fruity lolly-ness… Who loves ya baby! – Qty In Order: 1 Pack of 18

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