Jelly Filled Brains from A Quarter Of…


Jelly Filled Brains from A Quarter Of….

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Jelly Filled Brains – You may think `mmm… why would I want to eat a brain?` Well here are three jolly good reasons: 1. They`re really scrummy – a fruity gummy (firmer jelly) exterior containing a delicious layer of soft strawberry jelly. 2. Eating a brain feels good, in a grotesque kind of way! 3. It makes a nice change from eating Jelly Filled Snails. Just think… you could be out and about with your mates, at the cinema, and you bring a bag of these out: `Brains anyone?` They`ll think you`re off your trolley! – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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