Jelly Meerkats from A Quarter Of…


Jelly Meerkats from A Quarter Of….

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Jelly Meerkats – Some bright spark at A Quarter Of thinks these look like Aliens, so if you`re looking for sweets that are out of this world you are in luck! I think they look like Meerkats… in fact it`s very clear when you look close – they have agood level of detail on these little blighters. Some are looking at you… and some to the side… but they are all in that familiar Meerkat standing up and having a look around pose. They come in a good selection of colours and the texture is definitely midway between jelly and gum… that sort of `stick to your teeth` territory. Phew… I managed to write the whole description without making any reference to that incredibly annoying television advert… DOH! – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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