Jelly Snowmen with Hats from A Quarter Of…


Jelly Snowmen with Hats from A Quarter Of….

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Jelly Snowmen with Hats – can you make out their little smilling faces in the photo? I`m no David Bailey but hopefully you can see them. These not only look fab and Christmassy but they taste good too… They are just short of a gum (not a hard chew but there`s mroe to them than a jelly sweet)… so they can get a bit sticky in your mouth – and that`s never a bad thing in my book. More than anything they really look the part – definitely a must for any Christmas get-together. But our Christmas sweets always sell out really fast… well before the big day… so get yours while you still can. – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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