Lions Football Gums from A Quarter Of…


Lions Football Gums from A Quarter Of….

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The king is dead… long live the king! Lions Football Gums are the new incarnation of one of the most popular sweets ever in our online sweetshop… and that is Lions Sports Mixture. Sadly the manufacturers have stopped making Sports Mixture for some unknown reason… and they have rebranded the sweet as Lions Football Gums. So you still get the same great flavours… and the hard chewy gum texture that only Lions can make. And yes, the black ones are still liquorice flavour too. So all is as good as it ever was… just the name and some of the shapes are different. STOP PRESS: they now come in 2 x 190 gram pre-packed bags (that`s a humungous 380 grams in total) you get over 50% more gummy chewy, sucky, deliciousness than before… and they don`t cost a penny more!!! PS 380g is almost 13.5 ounces if that helps… – Qty In Order: 380g (2 packs each 190g)

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