Mint Imperials from A Quarter Of…


Mint Imperials from A Quarter Of….

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The small but mighty mint imperial is not only a classic mint but a classic sweet full stop. These are the classic sweet. Bright white, round and smooth on the outside with a crunchy outer shell and cool powdery inside. Whilst some people call these Imperial Mints (rather than mint imperials), I think we can all agree that whatever you call these they are a brilliant minty sweet. But do you crunch or do you suck, that`s the question? Mint Imperials are older than you may think, with the first mention of `Imperial Mints` in Confectionary Journal back in the 1920s – that makes them around 100 years old and they still look and taste as good as ever. Some people still refer to these at Scotch Mints! – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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