Sherbet Lemons from A Quarter Of…


Sherbet Lemons from A Quarter Of….

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Sherbet Lemons – hard boiled fruit sweets with a fizzy sherbet centre. We take our sherbet lemons very seriously here at We`re still mourning the loss of Pascalls Sherbet Lemons… THE sherbet lemons that we all used to remember from our childhood… Unwrapped… On a warm day (or after enough time on any day) they used to get sticky and it was nigh on impossible to pop one into your mouth without a bit of the little white paper bag, the one that the little old lady used to put your sweets in at your childhood corner sweetshop, getting stuck to it… and finding its way into your mouth too. Since the demise of Pascalls Sherbet Lemons we`ve looked long and hard for the new, “best sherbet lemon”… and these won by a country mile. Yes, they`re wrapped. But that means you can keep one in your pocket for emergencies without it turning into a stickly, linty problem. And they taste incredibly good. Good and lemony… and with plenty of the fizzy stuff in the middle. The king is dead… Long live the king! – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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