Watermelon Slices from A Quarter Of…


Watermelon Slices from A Quarter Of….

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Watermelon is of the best flavours to get you into that summery mood so combining the fabulous fruit flavours with our favourite retro sweets are Watermelon Slices. These delicious slices of pink sugar paste filling, wrapped in a green jelly rind are not only super tasty but also fun to eat. Will you can peel off the rind and eat separately or just gobble them down together? The filling is soft and not sour or fizzy so people of all ages can enjoy the unique watermelon taste with these sweets. Not to be mistaken with our Watermelon Chunks. Our Watermelon Slices are not coated in sugar and have the additional detail of the black seeds – they look like an actual watermelon slice! Both are equally packed with mouth-watering melon flavours – why not stock up on both? – Qty In Order: 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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