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Hailea Water Chiller from Doctor Blooms.

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The HC Hailea Water Chiller series has been specifically designed to cool or heat water for large hydroponic and aquatic systems. Integrated with an onboard electronic digital display the HC series is ideal for accurate temperature control making set-up easy. Quiet in operation and modelled with an anti-corrosive titanium evaporator, makes the HC series is one of the most advanced chillers on the market. A water chiller can keep your aquariums or hydroponic tanks at the correct temperature. Higher water temperatures mean lower oxygen levels in your nutrient tank or aquarium, Colder the water is, which will mean your plant’s growth will slow down. Hydroponic and Aquarium systems are prone to water temperature changes. Today’s water chillers are incredibly energy-efficient. These chillers use modern cooling technology to lower water temperatures. Hydroponics requires a steady water temperature in order to encourage healthy plant growth. A water chiller can help to maintain steady temperatures. This will reduce the risk of getting sick plants and fish and encourage healthy aquaculture.  Higher oxygen levels will be beneficial for both fish and plants. It can improve the growth of both. Water clarity is increased: Keeping your water temperatures constant can help increase clarity. This will decrease the chance of algae growth and help keep your hydroponics or aquarium tank clean. These chillers use modern cooling technology to lower energy consumption and will help with your electricity bills.  The benefits of using a hydroponic water cooler, Safe to use indoors and are simple to set up and install. Features: Temperature Control: Low Noise Levels Easy Installation Improved Water Clarity Safe to use indoors and are simple to set up and install. Benefits: Increased Plant Growth Reduced Risk Of Disease Increased Oxygen Levels5 These chillers are very popular with people purchasing them for their Ice Baths

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