House and Garden Bat Mix 50 Litre


House and Garden Bat Mix 50 Litre from Doctor Blooms.



House and Garden Bat Mix 50 Litre, Most Bat Special is formed from the decomposed German Black and Baltic White peat, both carrying the RHP stamp. German Black Peat is wonderful, whereas Baltic White tends to be bigger and spongy. Both combined create the perfect texture and balance, giving excellent aeration for the roots.   The added perlite allows water to drain more freely, and in doing so also increases oxygenation in the medium. This lowers the chances of getting root diseases, giving all-round healthier plants.   Lime has been added to help stabilise pH levels and last but not least, bat guano provides extra fertiliser to your plants, helping to give optimal plant nutrition. As manure, Bat guano contains high amounts of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium: nutrients highly essential for plant growth! Macro and micronutrients are released as it slowly breaks down.

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