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Hailea HX88 Water Pump from Doctor Blooms.

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Hailea Water Pump HX8890 – 8000l/h Hailea HX8890 – High-quality water pumps with high outputs that can move large amounts of liquid efficiently and effectively. ABS Plastic Casings that are Corrosion Resistant Mounted suction cups for easy positioning. It has a high-quality resin is used to create a sealed unit engineered for continuous use and has a high-quality, large-sized filter screen. The Hailea Submersible Water Pump: A fully submersible unit with a large screen filter that stops impurities from passing through and into the piping system. This reduces the chance of blockages and improves efficiency in hydroponic systems. When equipment fails or blocks occur, root systems can dry out. There is a short timeframe in which to fix the problem before irreversible damage occurs. This can be greatly reduced by using a quality pump. It is ideal for hydroponic systems requiring the flow of nutrients into and out of container areas. This includes flood-and-drain, NFT systems, run-to waste systems, dripper system, etc. Connect your pipe to the pump and screw the outlet attachment into the top. The suction pads underneath the unit will help you secure the unit into the desired position. Keep the 3-pin plug away from liquids. The unit is very powerful so make sure that you keep any water flowing away from the electricity supply before you plug it in and turn it on. FEATURES Ceramic shafts for dual-use with freshwater and seawater (ideal to handle nutrient solutions). Structure with double water cooling for rapid heat dissipation. Anti-alkali, anti-corrosive ABS plastic case of high quality. Suction cups mount the device securely. Pumping, oxygen supply, pulse NFT/wave making, and filtering are all applications. These pumps can be used continuously. HX8890 Flow rate: 8000 litres an hour Max Jet Height : 5.0m Power Consumption : 200w Outlet Pipe Size 25mm Model Litres Per Hour Head Power HX8810F  1050 Litres Hour 1.4m 12w HX8815F  1400 Litres Hour 1.8m 20w  HX8820F 1900 Litres Hour 1.95m 25w  HX8825F 2400 Litres Hour 2.1m 35w HX8830F  2900 Litres Hour 2.3m 45w HX8840F  4000 Litres Hour 3.0m 95w HX8850F  4900 Litres Hour 3.3m 95w HX8860F  5800 Litres Hour 4.1m 130w HX8890F 8000 Litres Hour 5.0m 200w

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