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Alien – Camo Tank from Doctor Blooms.

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The CAMO Tank, Manufactured by Alien Hydroponics, Is revolutionizing the market for collapsible tanks.The frame is made up of steel tubes with alloy corners and then the tough PVC CAMO material inside. Heat-reflective Mylar is used to make the lid. This dramatically lowers heat transfer to your nutrient solution. Velcro secures the lid in place for quick access. The lid has entry and exit holes for pipes inside and out. The hole is covered by a cap that can be screwed onto when it’s not in use. So leaking taps will be a distant memory, the thread of the tap has been locked into place from the factory. To aid in adding nutrients to your tank, volume markers can be found on the interior. More efficient square shape Heavy duty PVC Heavy duty steel frame Heat-Reflective Mylar™ Velcro® lid Entry & exit holes for pipes in-out Locked tap thread (no more dripping taps) Volume indicator  Flat packed 120, 280, 550, 780 litre 

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