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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A & B from Doctor Blooms.

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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Sensi Grow from Advanced Nutrients with pH Perfect® technology is a two part feed for growing plants in hydroponic systems.Sensi Grow pH Perfect technology makes growing much simpler, pH levels stay more stable between tank or reservoir changes.Advanced Nutrients combine high quality ingredients and technology to bring you Sensi Grow a nutrient that ensures lush green leaves, rapid growth and a strong plant structure. Sensi Grow, which has “pH perfect”, is now a very attractive product for growers. Sensi Grow adjusts your pH to the ideal level, and keeps it that way! Sensi Grow is the most simple-to-use, 2-part nutrient on the market. This saves time and reduces hassle. Only Advanced Nutrients boosters or additives are required to be added to your reservoir in order for “pH perfect technology” to function. The pH-perfect technology will not work if products are made by third parties. Advanced Nutrients: Sensi Grow A&B explains how to use them To achieve the desired strength, fill your reservoir with water. Add equal quantities of Advanced Nutrients Sensors Grow Part A to the tank. Mix well. To measure the TDS, we recommend using either a beaker or syringe. As needed, adjust. Mix again. Next add boosters or additives. The pH of your tank will remain at the right level as long you only used Advanced Nutrients products. The pH perfect technology won’t work if you use any other Advanced Nutrients products. This will mean that pH adjustments will be necessary. To set your pH level accurately, we suggest using a pH meter like the Horticare pH Meter. It is recommended that you renew your nutrient solutions every seven days. Each part of a 2-part nutritional element is designed to be combined in equal quantities. You can’t use part A, part B or both in equal amounts. This will cause a problem with the nutrient balance. You will most likely end up with plants that are deficient. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives in their concentrated forms (i.e. Straight from the bottle Each nutrient booster, additive, or other ingredient should be added to the reservoir in its own turn. Give the mixture a stir before you add the next. Advanced Nutrients-Sensi Grow Dosage for Cuttings: 1ml/Litre Advanced Nutrients for Sensi Growth: Dosage for Young Plants: 2ml/Litre Advanced Nutrients for Sensi Grow: For established plants, 4ml/Litre Advanced Nutrients Part A – SensiGrow Part B – NPK 30-0 Advanced Nutrients Part B Sensi Grow – NPK 1 – 6

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