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Bio Green Bloom 2 Bio 2 Bloom is a high-quality plant fertilizer containing all macro and micro nutrients required for full top bloom in any medium.  Visibly improves the condition of the plant’s top. Sufficient potassium to allow the top to reach its full growth. Sufficient phosphorus for a continued growth of the roots. Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis. Is adapted to an optimal bloom explosion. Product consists only of the purest raw materials. What X-Bloom does X-Bloom is a plant that increases ATP production. This has a significant impact on the whole plant. An organic chemical responsible for providing energy to the cells, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is one example. The entire plant is able to benefit from cells that use energy more effectively. They are stronger, more resilient to diseases and pests, and have more energy for producing fruit. Vitamins cannot be synthesized by plants. Vitamins must be acquired externally. Plants, just like people, require the correct combination of vitamins in order to support a variety of biochemical processes essential to their survival. X-Bloom supplies the vitamins your plants require to maximize productivity in bloom and increase the number of flower clusters. How to use X-Bloom X-Bloom can be used all the way through the flower stages. It is best to switch to a ’12 hour on / twelve hours off’ lighting system after you have switched. You can start at 1ml/litre, and increase to 2ml. For more details, consult the BioGreen feedchart. BioGreen can be very concentrated so please take care when you are feeding it. If there is any concern, reduce your dose. For more details on doses, consult the BioGreen feedchart.

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