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Plant Magic Hydro Grow A+B from Doctor Blooms.

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Plant Magic Hydro Grow A+B Hard Water This product has been specially developed to promote fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruit and flowering crops. Plant Magic have researched and analyzed many water samples throughout the UK in order to maintain a high standard and top quality product that will work with your water supply especially areas with hard water. Available in Soft Water Version  Plant Magic Hydro Grow A&B, is a premium mineral-based plant food for hydroponically grown plants, and is available in two parts. Plant Magic Hydro Grow has been praised in growers magazines as well as on the internet. Plant Magic Hydro Grow is known for its beautiful, fast-growing plants. Plant Magic – Amazing Products…and British Too! It contains everything that a hydroponic plant needs during its vegetative stage Beautifully lush, healthy, and fast-growing plants For a healthy root-zone, it contains humates This product is specifically designed to be used in areas with hard water. Use Plant Magic’s range of additives and boosters to make it even more effective Plant Magic Hydro Grow A&B Plant Magic Hydro Grow A&B can be used with hydroponically grown plants during the vegetative stage. Hydro Grow should be used according to your food schedule. Before using Hydro Grow, shake the bottles thoroughly. Hydro Grow should be added to your feed water at a rate of 1 to 3 ml per litre, depending on how large your plant is and your feeding schedule. You can adjust the strength of Hydro Grow with a quality EC/TDS/PPM meter. Each part of a 2-part nutritional element is designed to be combined in equal amounts. You can’t use part A or part B together or in different amounts. This will cause a nutrient that isn’t properly balanced. You will most likely end up with plants that are deficient. Never mix nutrients, boosters, and additives together in their concentrated form. Straight from the bottle Each nutrient, booster, or additive should be added to the reservoir or feed water in turn. Give the solution a stir to combine them before adding the next. Hydro Grow A&B recommends a dosage of Plant Magic – Hydro Grow A&B: 1-3ml/litre for parts A & B. Hydro Grow A&B combined NPK: Plant Magic – Hydro Grow A&B: 3.4-3.3-5.5

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