Plant Magic Ignition – Flower Boost


Plant Magic Ignition – Flower Boost from Doctor Blooms.

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Plant Magic Ignition Pre-Flower Booster Ignition Pre-Flower Booster kick starts flowering and boosts production of oils and sugars for bigger, resulting in better tasting crops. This is a powerful flowering boost. When used in the first few weeks of bloom it signals the plant to produce flowering sites, and in the later stages alongside a PK such as Platinum PK 9/18 it continues to enhance yield. Powerful bio stimulants for flower development. Increases flowering sites to increase yield. Increases production of natural plant sugars and oils. How It Works  Plant Magic Ignition provides a boost of growth hormones and bio stimulants to assist your plants in the early stages of bloom. The plant is stimulated to develop flowers quickly by the special formula.  This stimulates your plant’s development and can have a significant impact on yield potential.

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