Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Grow


Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Grow from Doctor Blooms.

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Old Timer Organic Grow As well as having the correct proportion of NPK to ensure a healthy crop right through to harvest, this special formula will also feed beneficial fungi and micro-organisms ensuring a happy, thriving growing medium. Giving outstanding performance in all factors of growing.Amazing natural flavours Increased yields Increased plant health Increased micro-population Increase in aromas EU organic approved ingredients containing beneficial secondary and micronutrients. Plant Magic Old Timer is an organic, premium food that plants can use to grow in the soil stage of their vegetative stages.  Plant Magic’s Old Timer Range encourages beneficial microbe activity within the root-zone. A healthy root-zone will result in a higher yield.  This feed is great for plants that are hand-watered. It gives the crops a natural, delicious taste and smell.  How It works  The exceptional base nutrition feed is made up of organically-derived plant foods that feed the plant as well as the microbes. Old Timer Grow is not certified organic but it has the highest quality organic ingredients.  It consistently outperforms all other feeds. The complete plant food provides everything your plants need in the vegetative phase of their lives. Ecothrive neutralise is recommended to make this product even more effective. This will prevent chlorine/chloramine from killing your friendly bacteria army.  A top-quality inoculant such as Ecothrive Biosys can be added to your soil. Ecothrive Biosys can give soil an extra boost.   Plant Magic Old Timer Grow: How do you use it?  Plant Magic Old Timer Growth is not suitable for automatic watering systems because the organic components can block drippers. This product is best used for watering plants that are already in the soil. Use this product only when soil nutrients are beginning to deplete.  According to the Plant Magic Feed Chart, you should use the feed for 2 weeks in the vegetative stage and then continue using it until the flower stage. This will depend on your plants size and appetite.  You should feed your plant once per 2-3 waterings throughout the vegetative stage. This will ensure that there is no runoff of 10-20%. Old Timer Organic Bloom can be switched to when fruiting and blooming begins.

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