Plant Magic Old Timer ORGANIC PK 4-8


Plant Magic Old Timer ORGANIC PK 4-8 from Doctor Blooms.

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OLDTIMER ORGANIC PK 4-8 This all-natural organic PK boost increases fruiting and flowering, for those of you looking to keep everything organic Plant Magic Old-timers PK is perfect for your crop!!  Benefits include: Increased yields Improved aroma Improved colour and increased BRIX level Dose: Use 1-2ml per litre UK-based company that specializes in nutrients boosters and stimulants, is known for its expertise in growing mediums. Plant Magic Old Timer Organic is a popular choice, which proves that quality is most important. This brand is a very well-known one in the UK. It has products such as Evolution, Magne Cal and Boosting Powder. Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 has been specially formulated for increased yields. Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer 4-8 gives you the nutrients your plants need to grow and thrive. It is unique in that it contains all organic nutrients. Usage: Simply shake the bottle well prior to use. You only need to increase the concentration by adding 1-2ml per litre in the last weeks of flowering. Attention: Use within six months of opening. Use eye protection and gloves to prevent allergic reactions. Keep away from children.

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