Plant Magic Root Stimulant


Plant Magic Root Stimulant from Doctor Blooms.

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Plant Magic Root Stimulant Applying this Root Stimulant to your rooted cuttings or seedlings will stimulate the biological activity around their root zones leading to explosive, healthy, strong root development.Plant Magic use a good quality Humate, Seaweed extract and amino acids to ensure all trace elements, micro-nutrients and hormones/enzymes get to work quickly and efficiently Plant Magic Root Stimulant creates healthy roots and stimulates activity in friendly microbes. This ensures maximum yields. Plant Magic Root Stimulant is safe to use on both seedlings as well as rooted cuttings all the way through the life of the plant, up to the flush. This will ensure that the root-mass is large and healthy.   How to use: Foliar: Use of 1.5ml per litre. Propagation Period: Mix Into Your Nutrient Solution Of 2.5ml Per Litre. Vegetative Period: Mix Into Your Nutrient Solution Of 5ml Per Litre. Fruiting Period: Mix Into Your Nutrient Solution Of 2.5ml Per Litre. Stressed / Shocked Plants: Mix Into Your Nutrient Solution  Of 5ml Per Litre.

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