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Plant Magic Veg Boost BOOST is a powerful bio stimulant used to increase the activity of beneficial microorganisms and soil bioactivity. Plant Magic Veg Boost contains Humic acid which has a high Cation Exchange Capacity. This acts as a reservoir for nutrients and micronutrients improving the availability of the crucial elements to the plant. Benefits of Boost You will benefit from the following when using BOOST Explosive top end growth Increased root development Increased stress tolerance Reduction of nutrient leaching Increased Cation Exchange Capacity Increased nutrient absorption. BUILD TOP GROWTH AND INCREASE SOIL AERATION. Do you need to boost your vegetable production? Are you looking to find products that can help you grow vegetables even before they are started? Our Veg Boost is a great product! This product, a humate-rich booster for growth, is specifically designed to increase soil aeration and reduce nutrient leakage, as well as accelerate plant growth and development.   This powerful humate can be added to your next pot-on. It will kick-start the development and rapid growth of your next crop. You can also use the product to increase soil aeration if your coco becomes hardened.   Veg Boost protects your plants against stress and acidification by starting them with a small amount.   The rich humate mixture is extremely effective because it stimulates beneficial microorganism activity. It also boosts soil bioactivity, so that you can get healthy crops. This Product Has Many Benefits, Including: High-End Explosive Growth Root Development Is More Efficient Stress Tolerance Is Increase Reduced Nutrient Leaching Capacity To Exchange Cations Has Increased Absorption Of Nutrients Is Increased This Product Can Also Be Used By Organic, Coco, And Soil Growers. This Product Can Help You No Matter What Method You Use To Plant Your Next Crop Of Plants. PLANT MAGIC VEG BOOST – HOW TO USE   Before use, shake the bottle well. Should be Once every 10 to 14 days Keep in mind to use until the first flowers appear Foliar applications: 1ml for every litre water Soil Drench: 1ml to 2ml for every liter of water Advisory Note: Do not add any other nutrients or additives to soil drenches. Veg Boost accelerates mineral uptake and can lead to over fertilisation.

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