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Athena IPM This Athena IPM product is designed to treat and prevent pest problems. IPM can kill most soft-bodied insects as well as mildews upon contact. IPM is free of artificial pesticides and fungicides. It can be used as an effective preventive measure, or to address existing issues from the seedling stage to harvest. IPM can penetrate leaf surfaces and crevices where disease could be colonised and stops them from spreading if it is used properly. How To Use. To get the best results, ensure that you cover all areas of your plant with this product and don’t drench it until it runs off. If necessary, it can be applied to the growing media. To avoid damaging or burning your leaves, please make sure that you use the solution at night. A: Athena IPM is good from Veg to the 5th week of flower. It is used as a foliar spray and treats all soft tissue insects and powdery mildew.  Application – Evenly coat and cover the entire plant from stem to leaf and spray only with the lights off.  For Preventative Maintenance, mix 60-90 mL per gallon, and spray 2x per week.  For Active Pest Pressure, mix 90-120mL per Gallon and spray 3x per week.  How do i use IPM to root drench? A: Application for root drench, mix 10mL per gallon. Water the plant with the lights off so the solution stays in the root zone. Let it sit for four hours, then flush it out with light strength and nutrient solution. 

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